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Men who have suffered cardiovascular incidents such as heart attacks, strokes, blood clotting, anemia and other cardiovascular incidents while taking testosterone drugs may be able to file an AndroGel lawsuit. On this page we will discuss the claims made by other testosterone lawsuits and who may be able to file an AndroGel heart attack or stroke lawsuit.

Why File An AndroGel Lawsuit?

AndroGel LawsuitIf you or a loved has suffered a heart attack or other heart-related incident such as a stroke or deep vein thrombosis while taking AndroGel or another testosterone supplement, you may have legal grounds for filling an AndroGel lawsuit. There are two purposes to filling a lawsuit:

First of all, an AndroGel lawsuit can help you or your family receive compensation for the suffering, damages and medical expenses incurred from the heart attack or stroke brought upon by the testosterone treatment. Patients who have suffered a heart attack or any other cardiovascular complication may face medical complications far into the future, sometimes for the rest of their lives.

Second, a mounting number of low testosterone lawsuits brought by sufferers upon the drug manufacturers such as AbbVie might put enough pressure on them to be held accountable for their actions. The main problem with testosterone drugs is that producers do not make clear enough the risks involved when taking such treatments and some even engage in unscrupulous, aggressive marketing tactics. More testosterone lawsuits and AndroGel stroke or heart attack claims may join forces in a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) to pursue justice and demand the safety of others who might take the same drugs in the future.

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Testosterone Lawsuits for AndroGel

Six lawsuits have been filed against AbbVie in early 2014, alleging the manufacturer failed to warn consumers about the cardiovascular risks involved in taking the drug AndroGel. According to the lawsuits, two men suffered strokes after using AndroGel and four others allegedly had heart attacks after using the product. The filing of the AndroGel lawsuits came only days after FDA issued a safety warning regarding the status of testosterone treatment drugs. A number of prominent studies have found that taking testosterone supplements leads to an increase in rate of heart attacks, strokes and other heart and blood complications. A study published in PLOS One has found that taking testosterone drugs had increased the risk of stroke and heart attacks by two to three fold for a substantial number of men. Although the drugs are manufactured with an older demographic in mind, critics say that the marketing materials related to the drug do not state the risk of heart attacks and strokes enough, placing the focus instead on how testosterone products can improve libido, decrease fatigue and boost energy levels. Testosterone products have not been approved for these uses in the U.S. and medical professionals point that there aren’t enough studies to back the advertised claims.

AbbVie’s parent company, Abbott, has a past record of lawsuits filed for its marketing tactics.

In 2012, Abbott paid $1.6 billion as settlement to Department of Justice and 45 states for illegal marketing practices of its epilepsy drug Depakote.

In 2013, a class action lawsuit appeared for off label marketing of the same drug.

In 2008, Abbott was issued a FDA warning for its popular drug Humira. It took almost two years for the company to comply with the FDA’s directive in warning doctors of the drug’s risks.

An ongoing anti-trust lawsuit has the company in litigation over AndroGel and the rights for generic versions of the drug.


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