When Should You Hire a Low-T Attorney?

For men who have been prescribed testosterone replacement therapy, a minority of them will suffer serious side effects from the usage of the drug. Side effects can range from minor skin irritation from the gels or patches being applied to the skin, up to severe cardiovascular injuries that can result in death. Not every man who takes a “low-T” product is injured physically, but every man should be aware of what their legal rights are and when they should consult with a low-t lawyer. Just because a testosterone product hasn’t caused you any physical injuries yet, does not mean you aren’t entitled to compensation from the makers of the drug for the risks they exposed you to without proper warnings.


Health Injuries
The most obvious situations where a low-T victim should have representation by an attorney is where serious injury or even death has occurred from use. A clear link has been established in studies by the JAMA and the FDA, indicating that the risk of heart attack doubled in men over the age of 55 and nearly tripled in men over 75. These types of cases, where heart attack has already occurred, are clear examples where an attorney should always be consulted. An experienced attorney can begin gathering the medical records, file the necessary court paperwork to prevent a statute of limitations from costing you any chance of recovery, and begin negotiations (or litigation) with the makers of the drug for financial compensation for medical expenses, suffering, and other harm. In order to file a claim, and get the highest possible compensation, you must engage an experienced low-T attorney if these types of severe health issues have occurred.
Failure to Warn
Even for men who have not suffered any of the symptoms of heart attack or stroke, or who were younger than the at-risk age groups cited in the JAMA study, they have still been exposed to increased risks due to the actions of the makers of these drugs. Under U.S. law, makers of prescription medications like low-t drugs owe their potential users certain duties. These duties include warning potential patients, and their doctors, of known risks from using these medications. If you have ever wondered why you hear a long list of potential side effects read off at the end of every drug commercial, or have seen the small-print warning printed up and included in every prescription bottle you get, this is mainly the reason why. Drug companies are required to warn about possible side effects unrelated to the illness the drug is being taken for. In the case of testosterone products, allegations in numerous lawsuits filed all over the country state that the makers of these drugs, while being aware of increased risks of heart attack and stroke, never made these risks clear, and no warnings were given. This caused many patients, and their doctors, to assume low-T products were safer than they were. Men who were older or otherwise at-risk for cardiovascular risks took these products when they shouldn’t have, due to that failure to warn.

If you or a loved one were prescribed any type of Low-T gel, patch, or cream, and suffered cardiovascular problems after using TRT, you may have a claim against the makers of these products. There are currently over 200 men represented in a Multi-District Litigation case in the State of Illinois, men from all over the United States who took low-T products and suffered serious side effects as a result. If you think you may have been affected by these drugs, contact one of the attorneys at the Infinity Law Center, or a trusted local attorney in your state, to have your case reviewed confidentially for possible inclusion in a lawsuit against the makers of these dangerous synthetic testosterone drugs.